Omnichannel marketing insights

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Media Manager


Unified tracking and attribution

Fragmented tracking makes multi-channel marketing chaotic and difficult to analyze, negatively impacting return on ad spend.


Media Manager

Through a centralized data hub, Media Manager empowers marketers to streamline multi-channel reporting, gain attribution insight into the value contributed by each source, and significantly improve ROAS.

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Media Manager Benefits

Cross-Channel Tracking

Track conversions across all your marketing channels. From online to offline and across devices, you see all the touchpoints each consumer encountered.

Centralized Data

Our data hub keeps all stakeholders on the same page about spend and results. No more manual spreadsheets and channel discrepancies. Analyze unified, real-time data for faster, smarter decisions.

Actionable Insights

Intuitive, visual reports make it easy to identify big data insights. Attribution analysis reveals each media’s true value, from unique revenue to cross-channel synergies.

Maximized Results

With a deep understanding of each channel’s impact on your consumer journey, you will make more informed media investments, boosting ROI and delivering predictable results.