Real-Time Ad Fraud Detection & Prevention

Ad Fraud Protection


Eliminating Fraudulent Activity

Our clients recognize that knowledge is power. They need a comprehensive solution that can uncover and programmatically eliminate high-risk activity by fraudulent actors from bid request to conversion.


Global Fraud Intelligence

Online fraudsters tend to commit bad acts repetitively. That’s where our massive fraud intelligence database and machine learning algorithms come in. We analyze IP and forensic reputation data of trillions of events in real-time for reliable information on every visitor. What’s unique about our solution is that it’s continuously learning from our clients and evolving through the work of our data science team. Global Fraud Intelligence helps make the online ad ecosystem a safer place for all of us.

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Fraud Protection Benefits

Real-Time Quality Filtering

Leverage our dynamic APIs to programmatically filter out low quality inventory before paying for it so you can focus on increasing ROAS, not eliminating fraud.

Cross-Channel Protection

Protect your campaigns across desktop, mobile web, and in-app environments through a single integration.

Best-In-Class Fraud Detection

Our team of Data Scientists are obsessed with staying one step ahead of fraudsters to make sure you’re protected against the newest fraud mechanisms.

Improved Performance

From impression to conversion, we can sit at any point in your funnel and show tangible impact on KPIs from eliminating low quality traffic.