Protect against high-risk traffic sources from bid request to conversion

Forensiq Ad Fraud Protection

It’s an unfortunate truth… fraud is eating away at most ad budgets. What’s worse, nefarious actors continually find new ways to hide behind technology and turn smart media tactics into wasteful spend.

They generate fake ad impressions, clicks and conversions, simulate seemingly desirable traffic, hide your ads, place them on undesirable sites, hijack mobile devices, simulate app installs, and more.

Enough is enough!

With machine learning technology and an obsessive team of data scientists, we help you to eliminate fraud along every part of the marketing funnel.

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Protect Against....

Non-Human Invalid Traffic (IVT)

We flag invalid traffic across billions of bid requests, impressions and clicks every day, keeping you safe from botnets, data center traffic, click farms, proxies, hijacked devices, malicious ad injectors, and more.

Performance & Install Fraud

We protect you from malicious actors who manipulate the attribution processes and falsely earn credit for conversions by stuffing cookies, faking installs and injecting ads where they don’t belong.

Mobile Fraud

Industry known for our mobile fraud protection, our powerful algorithms and ethical hackers protect you from invalid app installs and device hijacking, as well as app, device and browser spoofing.

Domain Fraud

Fraudsters can mask or fake how ads are loaded. We see through multiple iFrames to report the true URL where your ad appeared, helping you audit your supply sources and get the inventory you paid for.

Hidden Ads

We can tell you when an ad has been intentionally hidden behind other ads, placed outside a website’s bounds or injected into the user’s browser through hidden or multiple iFrames.

(Non-Fraudulent) Ad Viewability

Viewability isn’t always a fraud issue, but paying for non-viewed ads is still wasted budget. We detect whether ads are seen by real people and for how long, helping you to optimize beyond IAB guidelines.