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Todd Crawford
Todd Crawford
Todd is a co-founder of Impact Radius and Vice President, Strategic Initiatives. He has been instrumental in forging and managing relationships with many of the company’s flagship advertisers, agencies, and media partners. Todd evangelizes a multi-channel approach to the performance model, and is a frequent speaker at key industry events. Connect with Todd on Twitter: @toddcrawford

Affiliate Management Days in San Francisco

By on March 24, 2015

On Wednesday, April 1, I will be speaking on a keynote panel titled “The Affiliate Industry Evolution: What’s Changing & What’s Ahead?”. My fellow panelists include Brian Littleton, CEO of ShareASale; Desiree Toto, Product Business Develop Lead at CJ; Choots Humphries, Co-President at LinkConnector; and Michael Jones, Head of Affiliate for Eby Enterprise. The panel […]

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Taking Affiliate Global

By on February 10, 2015

It is sometimes easy to forget that “www” stands for “world wide web.” Being online gives you access to the whole planet, so don’t forget to leverage the rest of the world in your affiliate channel. The best affiliate programs have a global strategy even if they only sell domestically. Let’s break down the considerations […]

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Impact Radius Turns 5 Years Old!

By on January 16, 2015

On January 17, 2010, Impact Radius made its official debut at the Affiliate Summit West conference in Las Vegas. Prior to the launch we were in “stealth mode” for exactly two years. So depending on your perspective, Impact Radius is turning seven or five years old today.

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Deduplication and Affiliate Marketing

By on December 30, 2014

When affiliate marketing started in the late 90’s, the marketing landscape was far less complex. There was no paid search, retargeting, or social media. Today there are more marketing channels and more marketing spend. Back in the old days, you gave your developer a tracking pixel and they hard coded it to your confirmation page. […]

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Dangers of Intra-Affiliate Data

By on December 10, 2014

Affiliate marketing has been a successful marketing channel for well over a decade. As the industry has evolved, so has the data that is analyzed as well as the management strategies. One of the biggest and most recent evolutions has been around attribution. By understanding the click path data, affiliate managers can see where and […]

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Top 30 Mobile Advertising Influencers

By on May 20, 2014

Mobile marketing is the hottest new emerging channel in history. We’ve come a long way since the WAP enabled websites of the early 2000’s. The rise of smartphones and tablets has created a new marketing vehicle eclipsing anything the world has seen based on its adoption, reach, and results. Mobile is finally here to stay. […]

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Preventing Affiliate Fraud

By on March 11, 2014

There is no way to completely eliminate fraud in any industry and the affiliate marketing space is no different. When there is a promise of easy money, unscrupulous players will always attempt to be one-step ahead of even the most sophisticated fraud detection systems.

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