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DMG partners with Forensiq on fraud detection

By on January 21, 2017

Originally posted by Sonja Kroll on ExchangeWire.

Last week it was Affise, this week Forensiq releases the news that they are teaming up with advertising company DMG to battle ad fraud. Combining Forensiq’s data and DMG’s video dashboard, the two companies want to help video buyers avoid invalid traffic.

“It is crucial to utilise data to truly understand the extent of fraud and develop proactive and preventative measures”, explains Forensiq’s VP EMEA, Mark Wrighton. “By using Forensiq to identify instances of fraud and to interpret fraudulent behaviour, DMG are able to address fraudulent activity across their network.”

The video dashboard aims to show a comprehensive view of data, with detection and reporting supplied by Forensiq. The fraud intelligence database includes Device Reputation, IP Reputation, Proxy, Spoofing, Hosting Provider, Automated Traffic, or Identified Crawler. The data is available in real time, with the two companies promising reliable information about nearly every visitor.

Tali Chomed, VP Video, DMG: “DMG emphasises transparency in all of our services. This new dashboard will seamlessly provide a trustworthy source of data to both publishers and advertisers who won’t have to worry about being exposed to fraudulent traffic.”