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Evaluating New Marketing Channels

By on August 31, 2012

All marketers face the challenge of proving the value of their efforts. The idea of incorporating more channels in the mix can be daunting. But in a world of ever evolving markets and media, new channels are frequently under consideration within marketing departments. Knowing how to evaluate a channel before investing in it will guide your efforts toward channels of greater value. So how do you effectively evaluate the merits of incorporating new channels in your marketing mix?

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What is Remarketing?

By on August 28, 2012

Basically, remarketing is a form of advertising which targets consumers who visited your site without resulting in a conversion. When that consumer leaves your site (or specific pages), remarketing presents your ads to them on other websites.

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Tracking Offline to Online Update

By on August 17, 2012

After my last post on tracking offline campaigns to online conversions, I received some helpful feedback from one of our engineers here at Impact Radius, Greg Hall. As I found his notes helpful in further understanding one of the methods discussed for tracking, I wanted to share his input with you.

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Tracking Offline Campaigns to Online Conversions

By on August 13, 2012

With the many initiatives marketers employ everyday, it’s often difficult to figure out exactly which campaigns are successfully influencing consumer actions. And, in a world where so much of our business is done online, it can be particularly difficult to see the impact of traditional offline marketing efforts in the mix. You know your traditional marketing programs play an important role in online conversions, and you want to know which campaigns are driving that success. So how do you do it? And how do evaluate the results in the end?

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Mobile vs Online Marketing

By on August 7, 2012

My iPhone is pretty much glued to my hand. In fact, I rarely use my laptop outside of work to access the internet. This is fairly typical as a recent study showed that 45% of young adults do most of their internet browsing on their smartphones. I know the mobile experience is different than the laptop–but what’s the difference between mobile and online from a marketing perspective?

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Analytics and Ad Servers Leave You Short

By on August 3, 2012

Many companies rely on their current analytics or ad server solutions to measure the effectiveness of media buys. The challenges of logging into multiple media tracking systems (adwords, affiliate, ad networks, etc.) and pulling disparate metrics into a cohesive and actionable report is challenging. Every system reports impressions, clicks and conversions using different methodologies making it impossible to create “apples to apples” reporting across these media channels. So it is only natural to try and find a single system to capture all of the metrics and report on them.

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SMARTER Proposals

By on July 27, 2012

There’s a well-known formula for effective goal setting that I first learned about in college – and have heard repeated often in professional training sessions. The technique is to establish SMART goals. You can use a similar formula for presenting effective and persuasive proposals: SMARTER plans. In this formula, each letter stands for a key element of your plan.

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What is Tag Management?

By on July 18, 2012

The question today: What’s Tag Management? Originally, I planned to start off researching a question about performance marketing. Except our Santa Barbara office is buzzing about tag management. Since I’m seated between the business teams and product development, I’m perfectly positioned to listen in on all the chatter. Believe me, there’s been a lot of talk about tag management.

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