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Preventing Affiliate Fraud

By on March 11, 2014

There is no way to completely eliminate fraud in any industry and the affiliate marketing space is no different. When there is a promise of easy money, unscrupulous players will always attempt to be one-step ahead of even the most sophisticated fraud detection systems.

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The Role of Tag Management in Digital Marketing

By on March 4, 2014

Tag Management demystified Tag management is one of those foundational marketing tools that runs on the back-end. While most digital marketers have a basic understanding of tag management applications, they may not fully understand the benefits, feature set, or likely ROI. Admittedly, Tag Management isn’t the sexiest marketing topic. However, when you talk about empowering […]

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Marketing Attribution in 2014

By on February 10, 2014

Marketing Attribution was the hottest thing in 2013 and still a hot topic in 2014, but appears to be losing some momentum as the latest and most important trend in digital marketing. There were several venture backed attribution technology companies, and both Google and Adobe made noise about their offerings. Marketing attribution and “Big Data” analytics […]

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Affiliate Summit West 2014 – See You There!

By on January 9, 2014

Impact Radius will be attending Affiliate Summit West 2014 at the Paris Las Vegas.  The three day event offers opportunities to learn from industry leaders and connect with affiliates, vendors, advertisers, and networks. If you’re set to attend the show, we would love to see you. Swing by our table during the Meet Market on […]

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Is Larry Page Crazy (For Killing GAN)?

By on April 17, 2013

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based advertising model in which media partners promote the products or services of advertisers. Media partners receive compensation for the promotion only if their efforts result in a predetermined event (normally a sale or a lead) as outlined by the advertiser.

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Mustache Radius Conquers #Movember

By on December 5, 2012

If you walked through the Impact Radius offices in November, you may have wondered if you had wandered into a 70s Miami club or on the set of a Magnum P.I. remake. For thirty days, the distinguished gentlemen of Impact Radius brought the Chevron, the Handlebar, and other fine mustaches (partially) back in style. Not for personal fame of course, but for a great cause! Yes, Movember was in full force at Impact Radius.

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