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Viewability standards have a gaping hole: mobile apps

By on June 6, 2017

Originally posted by Ross Benes on Digiday. Two of the big trends in digital media aren’t compatible: The drive to enforce viewability standards and the shift to mobile, particularly apps. Ad buyers say they receive misleading mobile viewability reports because measurement vendors struggle to integrate into publishers’ apps. In effect, they know the figures reported […]

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Battling ad fraud: it’s up to all of us

By on May 31, 2017

Originally posted by Mediatel. There are a number of immediate changes senior members of the industry need to make to ensure a safer advertising environment, writes Julia Smith Ad fraud is currently hitting the headlines with the likes of Google and Facebook taking most of the flak. However, it doesn’t take long to realise that […]

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Can Management Consultancies Put an End to the Wild West Programmatic Industry?

By on

Read the original post on PerformanceIn. It’s been heralded as an industry game changer with significant effects on primarily the agencies and their own in-house trading teams, but will the leap of management consultancies into programmatic really change the dynamics of the programmatic trading industry? A recent article on Digiday on management consultancies moving toward […]

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Impact Radius joins IAB Australia

By on

Originally posted in Mumbrella. Global marketing platform, Impact Radius had joined the Internet Advertising Bureau Australia. The announcement: Global leading marketing platform, Impact Radius, announces it has joined the Internet Advertising Bureau Australia as it takes another step towards boosting the company’s presence in Australia. Impact Radius opened its Australia office in 2016 and has […]

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How the Navy Prepared Me to Be a Better CEO

By on May 28, 2017

Originally posted in Fortune. With Memorial Day approaching, I’m reminded of how my time in the Navy provided the building blocks of shaping the business leader I am today, as well as the millions of other young men and women whose lives have been vastly affected by their time in service. I can remember that […]

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Facebook’s Measurement Snafu Raises The Need For Unbiased Verification

By on May 18, 2017

Originally written by Tobi Elkin of MediaPost. As advertisers are demanding more transparency from their technology and media partners, including transparency on how digital media is measured, Facebook’s metrics snafus continue to mount. This week, the social media giant issued another mea culpa, and said it is offering refunds to advertisers after finding a bug […]

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Confessions of a verification firm data scientist: It’s good when Facebook errs

By on May 16, 2017

Originally written by Ross Benes of Digiday. Throughout the ad supply chain, at some point everyone has motivation for schadenfreude. For the latest installment of our anonymous Confessions series, we talked to a data scientist at a verification vendor who works with publishers, agencies, brands and programmatic platforms. The data scientist said that he roots for […]

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Ad network takes steps to reduce fraud

By on May 11, 2017

Originally written by Maria Korolov of CSO Online. The fraud rates for online ads are scary, with advertisers losing billions of dollars each year. Last week, Pixalate released a report showing that 35 percent of U.S. desktop ad impressions sold through programmatic advertising networks are fraudulent. Programmatic ads are those purchased through online networks, often through […]

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TAG Awards Forensiq Industry Certification against both Piracy and Fraud

By on April 13, 2017

Read the original announcement on PRNewswire.     Forensiq, a leader in ad fraud detection and prevention, is proud to announce today that it has received The Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) “Certified Against Piracy” and “Certified Against Fraud” Seals. TAG is an advertising industry initiative to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain and […]

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