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Tag Management Thursday

By on September 13, 2012

Tag Management Systems (TMS) can sometimes be a complicated subject.  Whether you’re a beginner tag-ologist or advanced pixel connoisseur, we’ve found some great resources which will deepen your know-how of the topic.

Forrester: Tag Management Systems Provide Ease of Use, Time Savings
Forrester recently completed a survey of 76 current users of Tag Management Systems (TMS).  While the industry is still nascent, the results of the survey offer key insight into the impact of TMSs.

Why this is worth reading?

Whether you’re an existing or future TMS user, there are some interesting revelations as well as affirmations of the value of a TMS.  Most notably, a majority report the time required to maintain tags has been reduced from several weeks to less than 1 hour.

Understanding Tag Management Tools And Technology
A post by the author of the Forrester report, Joseph Stanhope shares his thoughts on the key takeaways of the TMS industry.

Why this is worth reading?

Stanhope points to key evidence as to how the industry is quickly maturing and, more importantly, how TMSs are delivering for adopters.

Why e-tailers should care about tag management
Most online retailers have between 15 – 20 pixels on their website, so a TMS is a smart business case. This article outlines some added incentive for a TMS, such as the simplification of remarketing and affiliate marketing.

Why this is worth reading?

Read to the end to learn about some common mistakes retailers make when it comes to TMS.

What is tag management and how can it help publishers make money?
While TMS material is often targeted towards online advertisers, here is a piece that makes the case for the publishers.  (Hint: It’s just as worthwhile!)

Why this is worth reading?

This reinforces the point that all significant websites with analytics, behavioral targeting, or advertising initiatives can benefit from a TMS.  Media partners/publishers need to pay attention!

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