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Yeahmobi Taps Forensiq’s Fraud-Fighting Expertise, Sees Improvements In Traffic Quality

By on January 3, 2018

It’s pretty clear mobile advertising traffic isn’t immune to fraud. Mobile advertising platform Yeahmobi had been looking for an effective way to stamp out fraud across its global platform and decided to partner with Forensiq to help it curb the effects of fraud.

While Yeahmobi’s in-house team was able to detect a modest amount of invalid web traffic, it needed more help to ensure that it was providing the highest quality traffic possible. In a new case study showcasing its partnership with Forensiq, Yeahmobi said it was looking for a company to help it automate and expand its expertise in the fraud arena.

With Forensiq’s assistance, Yeahmobi was able to improve its traffic quality by blocking traffic sources in cases where Forensiq flagged a non-trivial amount of click and install events as fraudulent. The process also deployed Forensiq’s fraud reason codes to understand the nature of invalid traffic coming from Yeahmobi’s sources so the company could conduct informed discussions with its suppliers on how to improve source quality.

Yeahmobi, based in China, with offices in the U.S., Germany, and Japan, prides itself on promoting the benefits of a clean supply chain. In the case study, Yeahmobi evangelizes the need for fraud detection and prevention in order to create a healthier mobile marketing environment.

Forensiq knows that invalid web traffic continues to be a challenge for many players in the business and that it racks up thousands of dollars in costs each year. “Helping companies deliver transparent reporting is our overall goal, and as fraudsters continue ramping up their efforts to attack, Forensiq will continue to prevent them,” said David Sendroff, CEO of Forensiq.

As the partnership evolves, Yeahmobi plans to work closely with Forensiq to help it ultimately eliminate fraudulent traffic from its platform. The goal is to provide the most transparent reporting for Yeahmobi’s clients.

To learn more about Yeahmobi’s experience with Forensiq, check out the case study here.