To truly optimize your media spend, you must start with clean, unified data

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Marketing Intelligence

Your data-driven decisions are only as good as the data that feeds them. Obviously, you need smart marketing data in order to make smart media buying decisions.

This means your customer journey has to be tracked accurately and enhanced with any non-trackable data. That data must then be cleansed, verified and normalized before it feeds your marketing tools and reports.

Use our Marketing Intelligence platform for true buyer journey and attribution insights. And use our open platform / APIs to feed your smart data to your marketing tools or your own analytics platform.

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Facilitating Your Success

Unify Your Marketing Data

No more siloed data! Our media tag independently tracks referrals and events across channels and devices. Use our automated data importers and APIs to enhance your data sets for more robust reporting.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

With unified data, you can compare apples-to-apples performance across channels and media vendors. Now your entire team can work together to analyze and optimize campaigns from a single source of truth.

Respond in Real-Time

Know what’s working (or not) down to the most granular level with real time reporting and insights right at your fingertips. You can also send custom alerts and notifications straight to your phone.

Analyze Your Customer Journey

Learn how your ads, partners, keywords and tactics contribute to conversions; how they interact to drive higher order values; how, where and when customers make their way toward conversions... and much more.

Compare Attribution Models

Not sure which model to use? No one does at first. That’s why we let you compare attribution models (rules-based and algorithmic) before you decide. Play around, customize them, ask our analysts for input.

Improve Media Buying Efficiency

With customer journey and attribution insights, you can identify wasteful spend and profitable tactics, previously hidden by last click reporting. Use the insights to shift spend and adjust tactics accordingly.