Point-and-click tag management

Tag Manager


Taming third-party tags

Waiting for IT to deploy third-party tags is not only costly; it also impairs marketing agility and revenue growth.


Tag Manager

One-click tag management across all channels—including mobile. Cut costs while empowering marketers.

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Tag Manager Benefits

Time and Cost Savings

By enabling marketers to manage tags without IT involvement, our dynamic Tag Manager streamlines workflows and reduces cost.

Higher Revenue

Marketing departments enjoy added freedom in campaign testing and optimization,unlocking new revenue opportunities.

Improved Site Performance

Asynchronous tag loading speeds page load times, enhancing user experience and conversion rates. (A one-second page load time reduction yields up to 5% increased conversion.)

Enhanced Stability and Compliance

Our tag management system enables identification of tags that impair site performance, violate site policy and/or do not comply with statutory requirements.