Marketing technology for your industry and business model



Finding the best fit for your business

No two advertisers are the same. Each has brand- and industry-specific needs, especially in the affiliate channel. Legacy networks, however, provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach which fails to recognize these differences.


Advanced and flexible technology

The Impact Radius platform is both flexible and powerful. It is engineered to meet the distinctive needs of multiple industries and business models, from retail to travel to financial services.

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Purpose-built for these verticals and categories


Track all direct and network partnerships, paid search, remarketing, and display initiatives through a single, integrated platform. Benefit from promo code tracking, SKU-level reporting, conversion deduplication and a myriad of features that will boost your affiliate program.


Grow bookings by advertising across media channels, with limited media-expenditure risk (compensate affiliates ONLY on paid stays). Automate travel agent onboarding, reporting and payments. Plus, hotels can increase Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) through more efficient marketing.

Subscription Commerce

Track all your customer acquisition channels —such as paid search, display, retargeting, email and affiliate—on a centralized hub. Additionally, you can build an in-house affiliate program to enhance channel performance and transparency with our affiliate marketing software.

Financial Services

Onboard new lead sources with our electronic contracting, evaluate lead quality with limited test buys, and then optimize accordingly. Grow revenues by analyzing multiple conversion paths to find the real gold.

Lead Generation

Track leads generated from your marketing efforts in our robust platform. Onboard affiliates quickly with our electronic insertion orders and pay them per lead generated with our automated payment processing.

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Increase your Return on Ad Spend. Annual cost savings lead to annual revenue growth.

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