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News Snippet – Appnext collaborates with Forensiq

By on July 21, 2017

Originally written by Sonja Kroll for ExchangeWire.

A new cooperation between mobile discovery platform Appnext and Forensiq is to improve quality and protect advertisers from buying fraudulent mobile inventory. In the battle against ad fraud, Appnext is not only deploying their own anti-fraud team, but is using Forensiq’s technology to detect human-like bots and decline fraudulent conversions.

“Appnext has its own tailor-made antifraud system, which differentiates it from other companies active in the ad-tech industry. Forensiq adds an important layer which will further improve our detection capabilities. Appnext is a self-serve platform, allowing every publisher and advertiser to simply log in and start generating campaigns. This has prompted us to design a system that would be able to detect fraud as it happens. It performs checks before serving the ads and validates the source of traffic. It has strict control over the ad placement and continues an ongoing control over the traffic source to cover a vast percentage of the activities”, explains Carmel Zimroni, VP product, Appnext.

“Mobile advertisers are well-aware of fraud and the way that fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated. This has led to advertisers wanting to rely upon a credible third-party company, to verify the traffic as fraud-free. Forensiq is helping Appnext improve fraud detection capabilities by decreasing instances of fraud to as low as 1% and provide an important validation to the existing detection process”, says VP EMEA Forensiq, Mark Wrighton. “In the current phase, Forensiq technology was implemented in all Appnext serving tools and both of our detection teams are working with the combined solutions.”
Forensiq’s solution can be cross-checked by clients to combine data for more effective fraud-prevention.