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Optimizing offers and partnerships

Legacy affiliate networks keep advertisers and affiliates separate, while failing to track all conversions. As a result, affiliates can’t optimize offers or partnerships.


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Connect directly with advertisers and develop a much stronger partnership. You'll be sure to benefit from our multi-layered tracking which yields 17% higher revenue on the same traffic.

Why Media Partners prefer Impact Radius

Direct Relationships Yield Higher Returns

The ultimate command center. Manage, track and report on all campaigns from a single, cost-effective dashboard. Includes white-labeled client portal.

Track More, Earn More

Impact Radius uses advanced tracking methods that utilize multiple resources to credit a sale to the appropriate Media Partner. As a result, we deliver superior tracking accuracy that results in an average uplift in earnings of 17% over basic cookie tracking when Media Partners utilize all of our tracking methods.

Robust, Real-Time Reporting

Access over 20 built-in reports that include performance data over the course of your time working on the Impact Radius platform. With no history restrictions, direct access to your data and more robust reporting, you have better insight into your performance. What’s more, you can save reports or schedule them to be emailed to you on a regular basis. Includes white-labeled client portal.

Global Marketplace

Fully transparent marketplace for performance marketing partnerships. Forget the black box model of networks - get all partner details and own your relationships. Impact Radius has exclusive brands you can't work with anywhere else.

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